Art Lessons

Artists are always glad to share their skills and craft with fellow artists and with those willing to learn. I'm setting up a blog for things like simple DIY projects that you can do at home, kid's crafts, as well as one for simple drawing and painting theory where you can learn the basics of colour theory, perspective and more. This is all a work in progress at the moment, though so don't rely on that happening too soon.

I did painting and drawing lessons for children and adults part-time for the Royal Academy of Arts and Education for two years and assisted at Art Works Art School as an intern. I ran art clubs for private schools at St. Mildred's Lightbourn School and Linbrook School in Oakville in affiliation with the Royal Academy. We volunteered and created a mural at St. Francis of Assisi with every student in the school through The Royal Academy. I also taught and assisted in teaching Art Lessons for Community Living North Halton in affiliation with the Royal Academy, and therefore have experience in teaching students with special needs.If you would like to book private lessons or events at home, please contact me for details. Please keep in mind that I can only do private lessons or events within Brampton. A nice thing to note is that I can teach Private lessons or host events in either English or Spanish, as I am fluent in both languages and am currently working on learning to be fluent in a few more. If this is something you are interested in, you can find my contact information on the bottom of the About Page.

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Here you will find some samples of some of the many student projects and works created under my instruction with my students at St. Mildred's Lightbourn School, St. Francis of Assisi, Librook School and the Royal Academy of Arts and Education.

These are just a few arts projects from some of the fun arts and crafts projects and courses I offered at the schools. 

Here is some information about some of the projects featured:

Native Canadian Art:

The study of Native Canadian traditions and arts as well as Native Canadian history is a subject that should be much more emphasized in Canada. For the Native Canadian arts projects, the staff and I did a lot of research into Native Canadian arts and their cultural significance to the Native peoples of Canada, and used our knowledge to help educate the children about Native Canadians and their traditions through visual arts. Among many things, the students created: dream catchers, images of The Turtle, Clay-Relief Totems, paintings of Eagles and love, paintings of Inukshuks, and with St. Francis of Assisi, we even created a Mural using the whole student body to help create it!

Clay Creations (Girl Power Edition):

With Clay Creations we taught the students a variety of different techniques and styles of sculpting. A great very many sculptures have been created during this course using both air dry clay and sculpy clay. We've clay-created projects such as: "Gold Medals" for people we admire, clay-relief landscapes, clay-relief "this is me" trees, animal sculptures, monster sculptures, fashion sculptures, cake and food sculptures, plant sculptures and many more!

With the Girl Power edition, we created beautiful clay-relief plant pot paintings, Power Princesses, Treasure memory boxes, Pop-Art Relief Sculptures, Self Portrait reliefs, Memory Keeper Mosaic frames, Friendship Jewelry, and Motivational Mosaics which focused on the empowering young female students to follow their creativity and to support each other.

Art Around the World!:

The art around the world course focused on teaching students about different cultures through a variety of different art forms from around the world. There were many wonderful and fun arts projects created with the students such as: The Chinese Dragon Sculpture, The Mexican Sugar Skull Relief, Australian Native Art Alligators, Norse Ship Paintings, Indian Mandala Art, Middle-Easter Mosaics, European Marshmallow Architecture sculptures, African Masks made with colourful beans, and Native American Teepee-Paintings and many more.

Painting for Beginners:

The painting for beginner courses focused on teaching students how to learn the basics in painting, like basic crush control, simple techniques for landscape paintings, colour mixing, perspective, texture, composition, proportion, creating the illusion of space as well as using light and shadows effectively.