I started this pattern tile in a sketch in pencil as usual, then did a line drawing on cold press water colour paper very lightly in order to go over it in ink. I used a thin nib for detail and a slightly thicker one for outline, but I wasn't too careful so I smudged a few areas.

I then painted it in water colour when the ink was dry. I wanted really warm summery/fall colours. 

I took it into photoshop, pumped up the colours and edited out the smudges. I also had to move around and edit a few of the leaves on the edges since, as much as I did measure when doing the initial drawing, my pattern wasn't extremely seamless. Thank god for photoshop. Now the illustration is ready and the measurements are all correct, so the flowers and leaves blend into a random pattern.

Last, I uploaded the design to to create a patterned fabric, and ordered myself a sample. 
Here's how it turned out. 

I think it works well for that sort of vintage flower pattern look. I do want to do one with just the line art, and a few more colour tests in photoshop to see how it would look in different colours.  I'm sort of still figuring out what sort of patterns I enjoy creating and experimenting with different kinds of patterns and techniques as well as mediums. I liked working in water colour and ink like i usually do for my fashion illustrations, but at the same time It's easier to edit and move around patterns like the princess ogee, the burlesque petal girls or the moroccan tile patterns I did in illustrator were. I do want to see what more I can do traditionally though, just to get out of that comfort zone and try some new effects. I'm having a lot of fun doing them and I hope you enjoy it too.

That's all for now so thanks for visiting,



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