Little Gore-maid at the Round

This post was on the blog previously in 2014 but, since I edited the website I lost a few of my previous blogposts, so I'm re-posting it now. This is from one of my visits to a dr. sketchy's/toons on tap events in Downtown Toronto. I don't remember which this one was. What I do remember is that the evening was amazing, the music was great and so were the drinks. It's always fun to go down to Toronto and attend an evening drawing the amazing alternative/costumed/burlesque models at the Round. The themes are always interesting and the models are always gorgeous people with wonderful and hilarious personalities. The hosts and organizers always do a magnificent job of organizing great prizes and activities for the evening and bringing the whole event together.  

These sketches are of the amazing Cassia Sparkle who for this event was dressed as a mermaid. She's a beautiful alternative model with glorious green hair. She was nicknamed the little gore-maid as a play on her alternative style combined with her sea green locks of epic gloriousness. She also apparently also works underwater, which is super cool. During this event I drew her in pencil and water colour, my favourite two mediums for life drawing. The poses ranged from 30 minutes to 30 seconds. I love every piece that came out of that night's event, so I just had to bring them back for you guys to be able to see the whole gallery again.

I hope you enjoy them,



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