I've been finding myself doing a lot of work for others, and not a lot of work for myself. This often leads me to less experimentation with supplies, as people only know what I can work with from what they see in my portfolio. The items I use and how I use them also depends on which area of the industry I am working in at the time. A popular request is vector work, watercolour and ink work and sometimes even some acrylic paintings. A client seeing a style they like and choosing it often leads to less wiggle room for experimentation, as most expect a replica in style using similar supplies. There's room for creativity with every project, of course, you wouldn't be an artist if there weren't, but there's a difference between creating a piece completely for yourself (with all the freedom in the world in terms of subject, media, colour pallet, etc) and creating work for someone else (in which though you might have limits in terms of what the clients want). 

Giving myself a daily challenge is about getting myself back into the rhythm of things, forcing myself to get back into using various mediums and creating new pieces, whether they be good or bad. I haven't kept up with experimenting in my sketchbook, so that's what this project is about. Attempting to make myself experiment again. 

Day 1: A scene from a film.

My favourite film has to be The Fall, directed by Tarsem Singh and starring Catinca Untar along with Lee Pace. The film is visually very stunning, and the story that accompanies it equally as wonderful, filled with love, betrayal, fantasy, beauty, action, adventure, sorrow and joy.  I highly recommend giving it a watch. It's perfectly charming. 

Maira Canales