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If you are having any troubles, be it concerning the website, or if you have some other type of question or concern, you may fill out the following form. You may also call or e-mail, if you so wish. My contact information is on the about page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do Freelance work? 

Yes, I do in fact work on a Freelance basis. I’m a full-time freelance illustrator and designer.  You can visit my Contact page for information on how to reach me or: 
You can contact me via this e-mail
You can also call me at: 416-898-3834 – if I don’t answer please leave a message with your name and number and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

You can also follow me on google+ here: Maira Canales Illustrator
You can also send me a message through twitter: @maira_gce
I can also be found on LinkedIN: Maira G. Canales

How much do you charge for your work?

I base my prices depending on size, usage, color, content, and the amount of time given before the image is due, because of this the prices of my work vary since each client is unique and has a unique request. I will need all the information found below in the answer about quotes.

Would it be possible to get a quote from you?

Absolutely, I do send quotes for work and you can request one using the form found on this page: Quote, provided you know exactly what it is you want me to work on. This means I will request you give me the following information:

1.) Your contact information so I can get back to you

2.) Where will the work be viewed? (ie. book (cover?, inside content?), magazine, (cover? spread? graphic?), website, flyer, invitation, shirt, personal, etc)

3.) The size/aspect ratio you want me to work with for the piece and the DPI (ie. 6 inches x 4 inches, 200 dpi)

4.) Rough due date and Final date (ie. when would you like to see a sketch? and when would you like the final piece to be finished?)

5.) Content/Description (What do you want me to draw? ie. “I’d like a drawing of a child riding a carousel”)

6.) Colour/Black and White/Line Work (if you’d prefer the image to be uncoloured line-art, please tell me, as well if you want the piece in a certain palette feel free to tell me. ie. “Full colour”, “Greens and gold”, “Black and white”, “Use only primary colours” – you name it.)

7.) Style (I work in a variety of different styles, if there are certain pieces of mine that you like feel free to name them so that I know exactly what sort of image you’re going for. ie. “I’d like an image similar to the one you drew of the “blond boy” or “we prefer your vector drawings” or “Water color and ink drawings”, “we’d like something in mixed media”, “fashion illustration” – whatever it is, just make sure you make it clear what you’d like to see from me – also, if there’s a link to a certain aesthetic you’re going for, that helps too, but keep in mind I will not spit out a carbon copy of another artist's illustration or work.)

I will request you give me this same information when you hire me for any kind of  freelance work.

Online shop :
“I know you sell a few products online. Where is your online shop?”

I sell a small amount of products via society6 and you can find me there under the username “maillustration” 
here's a link: maillustration

"Do you sell any original works or commissions online"

Thus far I haven't actually sold any original pieces at a specific shop online, though i have sold many mainly through word of mouth and to acquaintances and friends.

The way this usually works is that if you'd like to commission an original piece or you would like to purchase one you've seen on the portfolio or elsewhere, then you are asked to please send me an e-mail with the subject "Commission" or "Original Art" and we will discuss the piece you want. We then draw up a contract and work from there.

Shipping/delivery and arrival times for such items will have to be discussed as well, as this is not something I do often, and it will depend on the country, city or province/state you live in or wish to have the piece delivered to.  If you live in the city of Brampton, then I can deliver it personally and you can visit the current studio to see process, if you so wish. Otherwise you will be e-mailed photographs and progress details.

Keep in mind that commissions require an advance of at least 1/3 of the final cost. For more information on terms and fees visit the terms and conditions page.

“How long will it take for my item to arrive from your society 6 shop?”

If you've ordered something of mine from society 6, please keep in mind that I do not ship the items to you personally, the society6 company does, thus you must refer to their rules on ETA, most places in north and south america take within 2-3 weeks, depending on where you live.

“What are the shipping costs on your shop at society6?”

Again, if you've ordered something of mine from society 6, please keep in mind that I do not ship the items to you personally, the society6 company does, thus you must refer to their rules on shipping costs, and again it will depend on which country you are ordering form.