I am attempting to build my website from scratch here on squarespace, mainly because I am tired of the old one and I just haven't the time to finish coding this one with all the things I've got to do right now. Hopefully, with this new template, I can get it to look a lot more like the wireframe I have planned. I want the new site to look totally different.
I'm adding a ton of new features, such as a new separate blog section. This new one will have four separate categories. One for talking about what I'm currently doing (AKA, This one) One for my doodles and sketches - I'll try to update daily on process work and daily projects or doodles, if not at least weekly - One for some musings, a place to express a current feeling or random thought that pops into my head. One is a place to record my wacky dreams of a world where physics makes no sense, I occasionally lose a left shoe and where random floating platforms plague my tiny existence. Finally one of the blogs will be dedicated to Poetry and Prose that I might feel like sharing.
The Design portfolio will be divided into six pages: Graphic Design, Surface Design, Info graphics, typography, web design, and books.
The illustration portfolio will be divided into Conceptual, Technical, Narrative, Beauty & Fashion, Food, and Environment (backgrounds and props).
There will be another category to the portfolio (currently named "other projects", which will host four separate pages, one for Paintings, one for my work on Fashion and Costumes,  one for my 3dimensional projects, both traditional and digital, and finally a page for my videos and animations.
I also plan to add a shop later on were there will be a few different pages with services or products that you can contract me for or buy from me. 
I plan to separate everything as follows: illustration, graphic design, web design, invitations, greeting cards, original art (for personal keeping), Art Prints, and a link to Etsy.
I will be adding a support page with a form for asking questions which will be forwarded to my e-mail address, as well as an FAQ area where I will attempt to answer as many questions as possible that you may have.
Finally, the about page will be divided into four with the curriculum vitae, the contact information, an artist's statement and a short biography.

That's basically what's happening right now with the website.

As for in life in general, I am currently learning French.  Love the language, and I never really completed my studies in it. I plan to learn Italian next, followed by German, and then hopefully I'll move on to more. 
I'm working on a few projects, as usual - trying to balance everything out - i'm a little hectic right now with all the things on the to-do list, but the organization of it all is pretty set in stone, I just have to stick to the schedule. Basically it's wake up, write an entry for the sweet dreams if I've had anything interesting visit me in the middle of the night, otherwise update this or the musing page. Sketch, post, and move on to the three chosen main tasks of the day. Usually i try to organize my days by saying something like Mondays: Animation, Environmental, Line work, Tuesdays: Life Drawing, Painting, Sculpt, and so on and so forth. I set a few hours of the day to each task and work on them in whatever order seems most comfortable. Of course I set aside a few hours of the day to read, practice my french, go out with my dog and to doodle so I don't get too frustrated. So, erm, yes, that's what's new. Hopefully you'll enjoy what's to come. I look forward to having the site run the way I wanted to. 

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