October 29 2014

Currently working on one last mask to add to a page I'll be calling "masks and accessories" which will be available online soon under the "other projects categories.
You could see some of the progress on Instagram right now. 

I've updated my social media presence as well. I'm everywhere now O_O.
Okay not everywhere. I'm not on a few sites that I wasn't on before though, so here we are.

Don't forget to also follow my page on wordpress. I did add a link to it under the blog section, as well as the tumblr account.

I'm working on finishing writing and drawing for a few old dreams for the sweet dreams blog. I've also got two short stories to type out onto the Prose and Poetry section. Some other things I'm doing include a new story board for a lost animation, I've also currently started on a small still life plan, a few sketches for some wooded figurines I want to make, i'm also expanding the list for a couple of other (secret) plans and I've finished shopping for a few missing art supplies. I'm pretty much all sorted for the days to come. Busy, busy, busy! 

Oh, also, Halloween is coming up so don't forget to check back here for the piece I created as a surprise! Which reminds me, soon I'll have set up a page for the holiday pieces I create every year. Usually I do something special for Halloween, Christmas and Mother's day, but this year I'm hoping to do something for a few more of the year's special days as part of the 2015 resolution. 

I'm pretty excited about everything right now. The website is running smoothly, and I got over the slump of losing the pile of work that was trashed when my external hard drive died. I'm well on my way to re-booting everything. 

I'm so happy to have everything back on perfectly on track. And I hope you guys are too.

As always thanks for keeping up with me,
lots of love,


Ps. I took a trip to Toronto last Friday (yes, when I was sick) and drew a couple of doodles on the way home after getting a couple of brushes and seeing a friend. Those should be up on the Sketchbook blog along with all the other crazy things I've been sketching for after the mask photos are done being edited.