Nov 8 2014

I've been a busy little bee as usual this week. 
I finished all the masks and the mask and accessory gallery is up. Here you'll see some masks and costume accessories that I have created. I've also recently finished a Portrait of a friend.

So far there's barely a dent in the projects I'm doing. 
The list pretty much looks like this:
-Commissions & Portraits: 4/10 complete (Sketches 1/8)
-Food and Beverage Projects: 0/4 Projects complete (Sketches: 3/7 shakes, 2/15 hot drinks, 3/15 alcohol and cocktails, 0/9 desserts: [6/15 complete])
-Invitations: 0/50 complete (Sketches: 25/50)
-Dream Writing: 3/15 complete (rough: 5/15, sketches 1/20)
-Prose Writing: 1/15 complete (rough: 3/15, sketches, 0/?)
-Fashion Gallery: 7 garments complete (photos: 4/7)
-Logo & Branding: 0/5 complete (sketches: 5/27)
-Paintings: 0/10 complete (sketches: 10/10)
-Animations: 0/3 complete (backgrounds: 0/3 complete - 1/3 sketches, characters: 20/20 + 8/8 +0/0, story boards 2/3)
-3d 0/2 complete (sketches 2/2)
-info-graphics: 0/7 complete (sketches:1/7)
-technical illustration: 0/7 complete (sketches: 1/1 botany, 0/3 human anatomy, 0/3 mythical anatomy)
-Beauty & Fashion: the Chocolate girls project: 0/8 complete (sketches: 2/8)

and the list goes on and on with all the other things I'm doing right now. I'm still studying my French, for example, and I'm doing a bit of reading on a couple of different subjects as well as working on brushing up on some coding things to make a few mock websites for the branding projects. I really want to try harder to keep you guys updated on all my social media sites so expect to see some sketches on both the sketchbook page and the instagram page in a few days time. I don't want to bombard everyone with the projects I'm making. I like to keep a lot of my work sort of out of the sites till they're done, usually, but it's much more fun to see the process, so I will make more time to post some sketches soon. It's all about sticking to the schedule. 

Well, now you're all mostly updated on the things I'm doing. I hope you're all enjoying your weekend. 

Lots of Love,


Maira Canales