What's New? Update #2, 2015

New Year's brought a lot of new exiting projects and work. A lot has happened in this short month. My hiatus from the blogs is not in vain, trust me. I have so many things I want to share with you all and I just can't wait till I'm done so you can see.

First of all I've started working at the Royal Academy of Art & Education, as an art instructor. It's been great so far. I don't usually talk about my jobs, but this one is just so much fun. Everyone has been so welcoming, the staff, the students and the parents/guardians of the younger students. It's a really great and fun environment and I look forward to growing with them. I'm really excited about inspiring and connecting with future artists just as some of my favourite art teachers inspired me. I love art more than anything in the world and it's always an honour to share my knowledge and skills. I've got a bunch of project ideas and lessons I can't wait to teach. I know I'm a dork for saying so but I'm really very happy about this job. Over the moon, and back, really. 

Second of all, I re-painted some areas on the Gilded Lady, and she will be up for sale soon. So that's a thing. Excitement! 

Third, I'm almost finished with a series of prototype invitation cards that I will be printing as soon as I put in the finishing touches. I'm really excited for this as it's a project I've been working on and off on for a very long time. It got difficult for a while when I lost a pile of data in the epic fiasco of the dead external hard drive of 2014, but I am well on my way to recovery, and if anything, have even accomplished more than I had done before. I'm so close to the goal of finally putting them up to display under the design heading and, if they receive enough positive feedback, under the shop heading as 'mainvitations'.

Fourth thing, in terms of my writing projects, I've got a few stories roughed out for the Prose & Poetry section. A few are bits and pieces of fictional stories my mum used to tell my brothers and me when we were kids, and a few are true ones about her. I've got one more about Apollo roughed out as well. The dream diary grows eternally larger and I have not typed them out or tried to even put the bits and pieces of old dreams in proper order so that they make sense just yet, but I'm going to be trying to organize that whole mess until it's good enough to be up online. I've Always loved writing but with the amount of proofing I do on my stories It's just a long process. I have a tendency to ramble, as I am doing now, so it's always best i review a story over and over over the course of months before finally deciding it's ready. Who knows, maybe my artists' mentality just causes me to be too critical with myself in that sense too. 

Fifth the animation projects have all but come to a halt for the time being. What with my French lessons, and my new job, and the prioritizing of what I'm going to be teaching along with the other pet projects in design it's just gotten impossible to keep the animations up. Honestly I've also been trying to paint a more relaxed subject in acrylic more because the Gilded Lady was my last project, but she was large and lasted a long long time, much like the Lady in Blue. Both of Which were completed over the course of many months, each. I've also got to get back into the habit of life drawing. Not to mention that I really have been trying to up my presence on the social media. My instagram is full of the odd traditional stuff I remember to take pictures of but as I try to relax into my new schedule you'll get more and more of a glimpse into me, my work and my life. I'm getting better and better at this, I swear. Everything's just been such a chaotic mess beforehand and the cleanup is always a long process. I hope you will all forgive me for that. 

I've got a few more things to cover before I go in terms of what I'm working on. Like I said I'm trying to paint more, so I've got one painting already started: a black panther, and a plan for the next one, which will be a version of the last supper, as a commission for my lovely mamá. I've got a few little gift bags and packages ready for assembly. I'm also preparing some old pieces for a limited edition giclée prints sale, so be prepared for that muchachos/chas... people. Last of all I've a few patterns and illustrations for the purposes of a few textile design ideas I've got.

So... yeah. I think that about covers what I'm up to right now and uh, now I'm out, I guess.
Later internet gators.
Ha. That was lame. Why did I say that? Honestly I don't know what that was. Just... whatever. I'm cool. I'm swag. I'm hip to the jivitty-jive. I'm on the down-low. I'm part of the scene, yo.
Okay, really no, I'm sorry, I'll stop now, ha ha!  


Oh but before I go, later tonight, or maybe in a few minutes, I dunno it depends on when I finish a few chores I need to do, because you know, art is fun but eating and chores are still a thing - i'd say sleeping but psht, who are we kidding, right? Sleep is for the weak. dead? Point is I'm going to write a little entry into the Musings and Ramblings section titled "Raw Talent" (I'd tag/link to it but I've not written it yet) which is basically just a small observation on what people perceive as skill and talent and the desire to learn art along with some encouraging words on continuing to do art.
Once again, lots of love. and see y' around.