What's New update #9 2015

        Hi everyone. It seems I've really let the website go with all the things I've had going on. Sometimes to get things done, you've got to make a few sacrifices. I'm preparing for another art show right now, just getting some frames and things together. I'm also working on another large commission, a youtube video for the school i work at, a children's book and two promotional 'zines. Among other things... That's just what I'm doing on my spare time. Then there's the actual work between my jobs. So you know... that's MY life right now. BUT As for the website: I've added a few things to the graphic design section for now - just some jpgs of a revamped menu I recently finished. Other work for other galleries will be up once scanned and edited.

         I'll do my best to try and return to the website soon, once this pile of projects slow down a little bit and I get my life/work all organized again. I'll be in touch. In the meantime keep on following me on Instagram/Twitter for some views of art, sketches and work, etc. 


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Maira Canales