What's New? Update #3, 2015

Hello, hello, hello, my good friends, fans and avid followers of all kinds. 
If you've been coming here for a while you'll have noticed the recent changes. First of all the Front Page has been updated. I am working on updating the Home/Information page at the moment. Mainly adding a few blurbs of information to make the site even simpler to navigate than it already is. 
I was thinking of separating the works by mediums as well, but we'll see how that goes because I've still got so much to work on. 
FIrst of all I'm trying to keep up with polishing up all my stories, and getting the time to type some out, but mainly I'm working on a few step-by-step lessons right now as I've recently added a new folder to the navigation field: ART LESSONS! 
I'm planning on separating it into 3 different categories for now: DIY, Kid's Craft, and Theory/Basics. I am hoping to add in more intermediate lessons later, but you know, everything must be done one step at a time. Busy busy busy!
There are definitely some new and exciting things coming this year, and I'm very very determined to try and pump stuff out faster. 

I've also got an exciting piece of news. I've got an original piece going up for sale very soon. She's about 3ft 2ft long, possibly larger (i'll have to measure her again), and she's absolutely divine. I've had many questions about her and her creation. I did dedicate a blog entry to her a while ago but I since then edited her and perfected her to a point where I am ready to sell. I'll be posting up information about her very very soon. In the meantime if you know which piece I'm referring to and are interested, please shoot me an e-mail so that I might answer any questions. ;)

I'm going to leave you guys with that last bit of information for today, as I've got to scurry off. I've a still-life I'm dying to get back to, among many other things, and it's really serving as a de-stresser, of sorts. Lots of love!


Maira Canales