What's New Update #4, 2015

Hello, and Happy Easter to all! I've been off the official website for a while, because, as usual I'm pretty busy, especially now I'm teaching more regularly now. And, yeah I've meant to put up some step-by steps and diy's from the lessons. I'm doing the best I can right now, though mostly I've been trying to concentrate on the children I'm teaching. There are a few new projects that need to be put together for them and new medias as well as workshops that are being started. It's a little hectic right now. I've been doing my best to come up with good things to put forward for the bosses. It's a bit difficult between that and my career plans, the shop preparations and my french studies as well as everything personal, but I'm getting better and better with everything everyday. I've always been pretty good with managing my time, but my problem tends to be giving myself too many things to do at once. 
Anyways, enough of my excuses and whining. There are two new posts up on the sketchbook page for today. If you've been following my instagram you'll see a bunch of random projects I've been working on. Some have been completed earlier than others, mainly because they're less complex, but also partially due to a matter of convenience at times. You can check out some new products up on Society6, and I'll be sending for a few sample swatches of Fabric from my Spoonflower account so that I can sell the new printed fabrics I recently made patterns for.