What's New update #6, 2015

I've been doing a lot of work this month, so there are quite a lot of new things around here. I haven't really updated my sketchbook blog because I've mainly been using Instagram. It's just so much faster, and I haven't really had time to write out the stories and processes for the various pieces I've been doing and experimenting with. 
Currently I'm working on a lot of fashion related illustrations, mainly to get back to my favourite subject. I have created a bunch of new pieces which are now up on the beauty fashion illustration page. They're illustrations of various cosmetics, shoes, and accessories as well as a couple of new dresses inspired by traditional chinese weddings, so you can go check those out if you want, because they're totally awesome. You can see some of the process and sketches on Instagram but I will likely be posting sketchbook stuff soon so you can see more of it. 
I uploaded a few things onto society6 again, and refined the works that are up there a bit more. They also have a new feature - leggings! I've only created one pair so far but I'm working on that in between everything else. You can see a few pictures on the surface and graphic design pages here, which have been updated recently, but I beg you to visit the shop and see every thing for yourself. Maybe you'll like something and decide to get an item for yourself :D #shameless-self-promotion. 
I've framed a lot of my new original illustrations recently and put them up in my workspace everywhere, but If you're interested in buying or getting one, the maillustration.com shop will be open very soon (i'm currently weighing everything because of shipping), but if you're interested now, e-mail me and we can work stuff out. :D #more-shameless-self-promotion. 
Last I've added a new blog area to the Art lessons page called techniques and mediums which I will use to share various techniques I use. If you haven't already you can also check out the kid's craft page. I'm also working on lessons of color theory, perspective and more art basics. 
One other thing I've done is create a bunch of new patterns for fabrics on spoonflower but I've only recently been able to order the test swatches so the fabrics aren't up for sale yet. I will definitely let you guys know through this blog or the announcement bar when the fabric is up for grabs.
Last, I've been working on super hero illustrations for the kids I teach. I've got a lot going on so there will definitely be more to come in the next coming months.

That's all for now,

Lots of love,


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