What's New: Update # 8 2015

Alright, so for those of you that don't stalk me on Facebook, this is what's been up recently: I had a last minute pop-up Art show in Downtown Brampton recently with a mix of wonderfully talented artists at Beaux Arts Brampton. Everyone was great, very friendly and welcoming. Truly an amazing group of people. I especially wanted to mention James, who posted about the Show on BAB's Facebook page, which is why I ended up participating in the first place. 

I had a lot of fun and ended up leaving my work up for another two weeks since that day. It'll be up until probably Saturday evening, and then I'm going to go wrench it away, so if you're curious, so ahead and go see it before the week is over.

I've been up to my neck in work right now. I'm working on a large colorful piece right now, and honestly I'm still not sure which direction I'm headed with her, but I'm pretty happy with it so far. It's bright and happy and headed into such a different direction from the usual sad pieces I normally do.  Right now it's pretty simple and graphic but the more I think about it the more I want to go in and add all my crazy intricate detail to it. I'll see about that though. I'm trying to veer away from my comfort zone.
I'm also working on a smaller abstract piece using bright colors and a simple gesture. I'm a little more sure of where that one is headed and I'm very excited to finish it.

I'm also thinking of working on a new book with a friend. We're both very morbid individuals, especially with our humor so we want to write and illustrate a little novelette (is that a word? It is now) with some short dark stories and poems written together, starting with the story of our text message clown Mr. Giggles. We'll see how that goes. We're both busy people but it should be a lot of fun.

There's also a secret project I'm working on with a certain awesome blogger friend. I've started my work for that from scratch and gone back to mind-mapping it right now but i'm happy with the direction we're headed in now. 

And then there's my writing. I've written nothing. NOTHING! I know. I'm the worst, but with so much to do I've barely been able to keep up. I barely just re-started my German lessons. My french is on going and is improving daily, but I do need to practice it a little more. My Italian has gone out the window and basically I'm just trying to schedule my life in between all the craziness, as usual.

I have started figure drawing lessons at RAA&E with one student, but if more people want to join, that's awesome too. We're there 5:30-6:30 every wednesday. Contact me or RAA&E at the front desk for details on joining. It's the basics right now, you know, proportions, gestures, that sort of thing, but if you want something a little more advanced let me know and we can see about setting either a different time for you or just have you come in at the same time as my current student but just start you off at a higher level, depending on where you're at. I ask that you bring in drawings of what you've done so we can learn more about where you're at and what you want to improve/work on. Just for the record, though, we don't do live models and figure drawing from life right now at RAA&E, but I can refer you to many places that have open life drawing in the GTA, if that's something you're interested in. Most charge $5-$15 at the door. It really depends on where you go. Let me know and feel free to ask me things! I love to help anyone interested in Art. <3

Annnnnd I think that's it for now. 

Have a good one!



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