What's New: Update # 7 2015

Hello, hello, hello!
Alright so what is new on the website? Well, I've put up some new paintings in the painting page and I'm working on some scans for society6 right now. Mainly some phone cases, though they have all over tee's now and leggings so I've gotta get on that. 

I finally got my samples from Spoonflower so a few of my fabric patterns are up for sale now. I'm really fond of how they all came out. They're absolutely perfect and I love them.

Outside of the site I think I've been posting a few things on Instagram, some old, some new, I posted a couple of sketches from my trip to the Round Venue in Toronto for a Medusa themed life drawing session which will be coming soon on the sketchbook blog.

I've got a family member visiting me from the USA right now so it's been a little rough on the summer plans for all of the work, but it's been fun none the less and I've managed to get through a couple of commissions in the past two weeks. One of them was a design thing and the other one is a total secret but I will let you guys know more about it around February, it's sort of a partnership. We're not finished with what we're doing right now, but I've been ploughing through with illustrations for the project. I'm having a lot of fun with it. 

A couple of friends of mine are writing a comic book as well, which I will likely be illustrating. They're in the rough patches of the writing process right now though so I'm just sort of hanging back and waiting till our characters, settings and plot are fleshed out a bit more so we can work together a bit more. 

The school I work out is also going to finally open for summer next week until August before we have to switch back to our September School year Schedule. I'm still taking on regular students. There's info about everything on their facebook page which is updated frequently. We're doing some awesome workshops for the kids which I'm heavily involved in. There's some fashion crafts and illustrative things which I'm running, some painting stuff which we're doing together with the other instructors and some clay sculpting stuff which is always fun. 

My writing has fallen a bit behind schedule. I don't have any new stories or silly dreams up. I have a lot of editing to do on most of them and on some of the ones that are already up considering I re-read them recently and I hate them. Ha! Always happens. I'm never quite satisfied with my writing, despite the fact that I know it isn't absolutely terrible. I guess I just need to be more patient with it.

Now, let's see, what else? 
Oh! Yeah! Be prepared for the website to go through some changes. I'm thinking or re-organizing my illustration, painting and design pages a little differently. I just don't like how everything is set up right now. I mean, it's okay but it's not perfect. o_e;; *imagine me twitching at the imperfection right now*

That's really all I can think of right now though, so I'll just leave it at that.  AS always thanks so much for visiting, lots of love,


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