What's New: Update #1 2016



I'll be starting off the year by sharing some memories of 2015, mainly to reflect in the direction my life and work has gone.

Last year I began a variety of exciting new ventures. It wasn't always easy and the road has brought with it many new challenges for me to drive through, but I am pleased to reflect on all the things I started last year.

I started working at The Royal Academy of Arts and Education as an art instructor, I began work editing and illustrating a book, I began writing more pieces of stories and poetry (none of which is on the website, yet for a variety of different reasons), I began learning German and continued learning French, I began a new partnership with JVGBD, I began work on a Zine-style portfolio, I began crafting more, I created a ton of new pieces, I joined social movements I'm passionate about and I began working part time as a Designer again. I participated in two art shows for the first time since I left school at Beaux Arts Brampton where I met a ton of amazing and wonderful new people who inspired me to keep doing what I love. 

With this year comes an exciting new chapter to my life and my work. I am excited for what the year will bring and I can't wait to share my new works, learnings, and discoveries with you.

All my Love and wishing you all the best,


Maira Canales