What’s new #2 2017

it’s been quite a busy year for me, with lots of ups and downs. First, I was sorry to say goodbye to The Royal Academy of arts and education earlier this year, in March. I needed to start on a new path, despite how much i loved my previous job and experiences, in order to continue full time with my career as not just an artist but as a designer. My flexibilities in schedule became more and more rigid as I pursued both areas and I made a decision that was tough but ultimately necessary. I began on a journey to continue to educate myself in my field as an artist but also to help and teach others various other skills within my repertoire. I decided to do this with full artistic license and freedom to do and create projects that would make me feel more accomplished. 

My schedule is still pretty rigid and I continue to do many projects to design and create as much as possible and ah the same time I’ve taken a nose-dive into the culinary field, helping a small start-up begin to get on its way. 


Many things happened this year that we’re very difficult for me, and I see many challenges ahead this upcoming year, especially when I’ll be focusing not only on two small business, mine and the start-up, butt because I’ll also be focusing my attention on my continued education along with trying to do more art exhibits and shows. 


So here’s to the new year!  


See you all on the other side!



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